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Reimagining Normal

Businesses are in uncharted water due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused widespread shutdowns across the United States, and the globe, to curb the spread of the virus. It’s no secret that consumers’ habits have been altered and may be for some time.

Through our network, we’ve been able to see first hand the impact this pandemic has or has not had when it comes to shopping and consumer habits. In this piece, we will dive deeper into what our data shows about delivery services and take-out.



This report is based on data collected using the Premise App for Premise’s COVID-19 Global Impact Study. The data used in this report was collected from March 2020 until present. 12,000 unique Premise Data users provided self-reported demographic information such as age, gender and location and answered up to 25 survey questions on their feelings about COVID, the economy and recent pandemic-related lifestyle changes.

The analysis was carried out by looking at responses by demographic. Of the users who self-reported their demographic information, the percentage of users who answered ‘Yes’ were compared across each demographic