Going Beyond Traditional Mystery Shopping to Understand Customer Experience 


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While traditional mystery shopping programs maintain validity in both function and contribution, they are often inefficient and burdensome. Though cost is a factor, companies actually find the largest resource drain to be in managing and sustaining multi-regional teams (recruiting, qualifying, scheduling, training, etc.).
Enter crowdsourced mystery shopping.
Crowdsourced mystery shopping programs are low risk, quick and affordable; as well as higher quality and more reliable than traditional programs due to reduced individual bias. They also carry higher statistical reliability due to the sheer volume of data collected.
Interested in learning more? In this piece we cover:
  • What is CX and how can mystery shopping help
  • Traditional vs. crowdsourced mystery shopping
  • Four steps to a mystery shop
  • Crowdsourced mystery shopping in action (industries and use-cases)
  • Starting your mystery shopping program